About us



Dönüşüm Derneği  is a non-governmental organization which centers social and ecological dimensions of political, economic and social transformation and aims to provide sustainable alternative solutions to the issues in these areas.

Technological progress rendered the world to a small village. We are influenced by negative or positive events take place on the other end of the world. For this reason, all individuals around the world should take the responsibility to leave the environment as we found and even to make it better. Every day, we realize more and more that everyone should do their share to promote this commitment and our obligation to act in a common language

Reducing consumption, changing our consumption habits and expressing the value of production starting from childhood will be a big step forward towards both ecological integrity and degeneration brought by a life style based solely on consumption in a world rapidly polluted while a transformation of which centuries compressed in decades takes place.

Cities transform, relationship networks transform, our consumption styles and habits transform, our economic structure transforms and therefore the transformation in all areas compels sociocultural and ecological transformation too.

Education is admitted as the most significant method to create a change in individuals’ perception. We consider that this is an important way to raise a sense of responsibility and awareness in individuals that eventually incline them to protect the

Nature, environment and common values. We aim to raise this awareness by means of educational, cultural and artistic works in the areas of green architecture, recycling, ecological agriculture and renewable energy.