Danışma Kurulu

Prof.Dr. Barış Çallı


He graduated as an Environmental Engineer from Marmara University, Faculty of Engineering in 1997. He completed his graduate degree at the same university. He gained his doctorate degree in the field of Environmental Technology from the Institute of Environmental Sciences at Boğaziçi University. He had researches about producing energy from biodegradable waste in a Belgian research institute VITO between 2006 and 2008 with TUBITAK Post Doctorate Research Scholarship and European Union Marie Curie Scholarship.

Barış Çallı has been an instructor as a professor at Marmara University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Environment since 2011 and his main fields of study are anaerobic biotechnology, biogas technologies, solid waste management, seepage water refining and biological refining. Prof. Çallı lectures on the titles of ‘Microbiology for Environmental Engineers’, ‘Solid Waste Engineering’ and ‘Dangerous and Special Waste Management’ in Department of Environment at Marmara University and he works as the principal of Center of Research and Implementation for Environmental Issues at Marmara University since 2012.

Zafer Kıraç


Zafer Kıraç is 50 years old and has been participating in the following institutions as a founder, administrator, member and volunteer: Civil Society Initiative in Penal System Association (Founder and Chairman), Human Rights Association in Mental Health (Founder and Advisor), Initiative to Shut down Children Detention Center (coordinator member), Anatolian Cultural Project Coordinator, Social and Cultural Life Improvement Association (President), Civil Coordination Against Disaster Association, Crisis Management Administration, Citizen Initiative for Enlightenment/ Peace Initiative.