Our Mission and Principles


We as Dönüsüm Dernegi, defend the opinion that individuals should transform the

Nature’s cycle and common values positively by protecting them. And we carry out

ecological, cultural and artistic works in order to raise a sense of responsibility and



In this direction, the Association’s mission is

  •  Improvement of participatory and pluralistic democracy within civil society
  •  Strengthening social relations and cooperation by means of social interaction
  •  Protecting ecological balance of the Nature as the common life space for all


  • Encouraging civil society to participate in decision making process towards

improving a civil life compliant with the Nature

  • Carrying out studies to contribute to the values of international human rights



Our Principles

  • Being independent from politics, defender of multi-culturism and impartial
  • Adopting a mindset of participatory and plural democracy as a life style
  • Protecting ecological balance by focusing on the Nature as the common life

space of all livings in our studies and contributing to the common life

awareness compliant with the Nature

  • Perceiving the human being as not a supra-being controlling the ecosystem

but a being part of it.

  • Standing against any kind of discrimination and violence take place through

the values defined by The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  • Conducting cooperation with other non-governmental organizations and

initiations where common purpose and principles exist.

  • Adopting studies based on innovative, participative and creative of new social