Returning to Green Project




Has the time not come yet to question our relation with the Nature? Do you not think this relation is based on taking solely in favor of humans?

Is our accumulating garbage in trash cans worthless enough to be dumped at land fill?

We consume. We return to our homes with shopping bags and after we consume, we put together food, plastic and paper waste in the same place. Then we tie up the bag and throw it to the nearest trash can.

And it does not end here. We continue consuming. Unfortunately this cycle does not help to the Nature’s cycle, quite the opposite, we leave our planet out of breath and we use up the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil we grow our food.

But, is the garbage we throw waste? or things we borrow from the Nature? We should give up the wrong idea that we own the Nature and what it offers; we should remember that we temporary users of them.

Let’s use “as much we need as long as we need”. Let’s not be solely consumers but be a part of the natural cycle that exist as such. We have to start the process of recycling.

But How?

How about starting from returning what we owe to the Nature? Let’s take the first step by separating our waste. We are aware that every waste is not garbage. Because we know that every step we take will define the future of our existence on this planet. We believe that every step we take towards “Returning Green” will become a breath to the Earth.

Are you ready for Transition to support the meet of the Nature and Human Being? If you are, we will be expecting you among us.

Returning to Green

“Returning to Green Project” is an educational program of recycling initiated by our Association. Project is designed upon solid waste separation at place without losing its attribution and promoting this as a life style. This education program utilizes artistic disciplines and it is aimed to raise awareness by touching children’s life and by this means reaching out to their families and acquaintances. There will take place of workshops about domestic waste separation at place and recycling to children and parents during this process. These workshops are based on live and learn principle and children will have the opportunity to express themselves through art, their creativity will improve and therefore permanent learning will be achieved. We care about bringing recycling apparent and meaningful in children’s lives where a life style based on continuous consumption is imposed. Therefore we believe that we will succeed when we encourage children to think about “what can be done about solid waste” by providing them an environment that they learn how not to be “consumers” but “producers”. We aim to educate children by bringing them together with the colorful and creative side of art without damaging their colorful and creative power which already exist in their system.

We invite all children to “Returning to Green Project” consisting of eight different workshops and one exhibit.